The Division of Hematology and Hemato oncology at century super speciality hospital provides comprehensive academic and clinical consultative services. We have active inpatient services and outpatient ambulatory clinics (DAY CARE, BLOOD TRANSFUSION AND CHEMOTHERAPY) for hematology. Our round the clock specialty diagnostic services provide accurate and timely reports for our patients. We have practices focused in benign hematology, including Rare Blood and Bleeding Disorders and Thrombosis, Hematological malignancies like leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma etc. We follow the recent guidelines and treatment protocols for all the diseases. We see more than 200 patients a year with Aplastic anemia, more than 600 patients a year with ITP, more than 1000 patients a year with different forms of anemia. Our department helps the surgical and orthopedics departments in performing rare surgeries for patients with congenital bleeding disorders like hemophilia, Von Willebrand diseases, Glanzmanns and bernard soulier syndrome. We provide Hematological services to various Obstetric units having complicated obstetric cases with hematological problems in the city and outside the city. We have managed more than 450 cases with ITP in pregnancy, APLA and pregnancies and various thrombotic problems in pregnancy. Hemoglobinopathies with pregnancy. We provide CVS and genetic counseling for hemoglobin disorders.

We are involved in clinical trials and translational research in the areas of lymphoma, leukemia, myeloma, bone marrow transplant, and rare blood and bleeding disorders.

Remote Medical Second Opinion Program for Hematological problems.

A remote medical second opinion is a valuable resource when you are faced with difficult health circumstances or choices regarding your treatment options. However you may have limited access to highly specialized care depending on where you live, your availability for travel or your mobility.

Now you can get a second opinion from US without needing to travel here.

Dr. Shailesh R Singi MD

Sr.Hematologist, Hemato-Oncologist and BMT Specialist

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